Sarkodie never turned up Says Yemi Alade

Written by on 23 November 2017

 Yemi Alade song with Sarkodie from her last album Mama Africa –  Titled ‘Ego’, was suppose to get a video which Ghanaian Rapper never turned up for, claims Yemi Alade.

“I can count three different countries and three different venues where my team and I had an agreement with the artiste Sarkodie in particular and he didn’t come through,” she said, speaking as guest on a chat show in Ghana.

“I’ve really tried my best to really not go into details but the long and short on why I don’t want to dwell on this is that is super unfair, unprofessional and unkind for international acts or even artistes to have a dealing with anybody and after agreeing to certain things, you don’t come through at all.”

Alade said Sarkodie, a frequent collaborator with Nigerian artists, has not apologised for his behaviour, and the rapper is yet to respond to Yemi Alade’s remarks. Sarkodie himself was the recipient of an apology only days ago, as organisers of the One Africa Festival apologised for mistreating him at an event in Dubai.

While speaking on the chat show, Yemi Alade alluded to the male and female power dynamic in the music industry, a concern Ghanaian artist Wiyaala has spoken about, saying the Ghanaian music industry is “by men, for men”.

“I don’t want to bring in the feminine and masculine inequality we’re experiencing in the industry…I don’t want to link it to that,” said Yemi Alade. “I was pained as a person but I’ll say it is almost impossible to promote a project that is supposed to be for two people when the other party isn’t coming through at all, the music pretty much suffers.”

She added that: “The good thing about the whole thing is that I already had my name so I’m not bothered. He never got back to apologize and I’m over it. He asked that we meet in UK, America, and South Africa and it never happened. And because we realized that we were in the same location at the same period and realized that our calendars were kind of linking up in these three countries, we tried to make it work. But the moment we tried to link up and make things work it didn’t work, it was gross unprofessionalism on his part.”

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