Ghanaian act Pataapa Viral song ‘One Corner’ finally gets video

Written by on 18 January 2018

The highly recognized viral song ‘One Corner‘ across African finally gets its own video. The release comes many months after the song inaugurated a peculiar dance craze across several countries last year. Originally a moderately popular song released by little-known Ghanaian act Pataapa, it went on to be a nationwide hit and spread to other countries, propelled by its accompanying dance.

Fans of the song posted videos showing the ‘One Corner’ dance performed in strange places, sparking amusement and outrage in almost equal measure.

“This ‘One corner dance craze is getting very dangerous,” wrote gospel singer Sonnie Badu on Facebook. “I saw someone climb an electric pole, I saw someone climb a tipper truck, I saw someone run under a car, and I saw someone dancing while cars were moving. Now, this is getting out of hand. Do you want to wait until you hear somebody dead before you say ‘one corner’ killed him?”

He continued: “I’m getting concerned about the rate at which people are taking this to the extreme. I’ve seen people jump over people just to demonstrate what ‘One Corner’ means. I believe there would have been restrictions if it happened in other countries.”

Speaking to Music in Africa last year, Accra-based music journalist Gabriel Myers Hansen said the song means “absolutely nothing”.

In September, local media carried a report saying a junior pastor was “suspended indefinitely” for doing the dance, which was recorded and sent to his superior. The new video sees online clips interspersed with scenes showing Pataapa singing. The video also shows featured guest Ras Cann.

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